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                          Anji Muxuan Bamboo & Wood Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive architectural decoration enterprise with various bamboo and wood products styles, such as wooden houses, wooden buildings, wooden pavilions, bamboo buildings and bamboo buildings, with Chinese and Western cultural characteristics. Based on the original wood, combined with the actual situation of the domestic construction industry, the company uses modern technology to provide customers with a comprehensive enterprise from construction design, professional construction to after-sales one-stop service.

                          The company has first-class technical staff, professional construction team, unique production technology and advanced level of anti-corrosion and anti-insect treatment technology. We have set the perfect structural architectural style, from designing the design to actual construction, each step caters to the customers. Demand, make products that satisfy customers.

                          Muxuan Bamboo adheres to the principle of being professional and leading, and is committed to developing new ecological products of the original ecology, interpreting life with wood, and advocating a harmonious, natural and healthy ecological concept with bamboo and wood culture, so that people can fully appreciate nature and enjoy The health and happiness of life.

                          Muxuan Bamboo is the best choice for building special resorts, tourist attractions, ecological parks and individual leisure houses. Muxuan is looking forward to working with you to create a green environment with high quality products, honest style and warm service. , humane living environment, we will be happy to look forward to your inquiries and guidance.